Background of Course

The curriculum of Applied Data Analysis (QAC 201) introduces students to statistics by allowing them to ask & answer statistical questions that they care about. This is typically a student’s first introduction to statistics and data analysis.

Topics come from a large range of disciplines including psychology, sociology, government and environmental science. Students generate hypotheses based on existing data, conduct a literature review, prepare data for analysis, conduct descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, and present research findings to expert and novice audiences. Students also learn to use one of four major statistical analysis software packages (R, SAS, SPSS, STATA) in order to explore their data. When given freedom to pursue their own questions and appropriate support, all students can meaningfully access the power and promise of statistical inquiry.


The course culminates at the end of the semester in a final course poster presentation session. This poster presentation is the highlight of the course and allows students the opportunity to present their findings to a diverse academic audience.

To emulate the excitement and camaraderie of the live poster session, we have scheduled a live zoom session from 1-3 pm on Friday, May 7th.  During that time students will be hosting their individual zoom sessions and presenting their posters.  Each student has their own individual zoom link, found on the student’s poster site.  On the 7th, we encourage you to take a ‘digital walk’ through the posters, where you can visit a student’s zoom session, hear their presentation and engage with the speaker interactively.  Our idea is that during the ‘live zoom poster session,’ viewers will visit the student poster sites in the same manner that they would have visited the poster easels during the in-person session.